Supercharge Crypto Trading with Quadency – Our Review

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BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): We like the platform and we recommend you give it a try.

Quadency is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is focused on “making crypto trade human”. This new platform offers you the chance to trade many different tokens with a single click and to have a holistic view of your crypto portfolio. The company is based out of New York and just coming out of Beta

A few months ago we was introduced to Quadency, a crypto currency trading platform with a beautiful user interface that utilizes the popular TradingView charts and tools. In full transparency, after using it for a few weeks and providing feedback, we were invited to become beta testers for some of the upcoming features mentioned at the end of this post.

This platform enables you to link your exchange account from the top exchanges like KuCoinPoloniex, Coinbase Pro, BitfinexKrakenBinanceBittrex and Gemini on a single platform that you can also use for trading. Accounts can be connected to Quadency using API keys. When setting up your API keys, you can set them as read only or read & trade. We first set ours as read only to see if we liked Quadency. Once comfortable we slowly switched each exchange API to read & trade. To learn more about how API keys work, click here.

The main perk of using Quadency is the dashboard which provides an aggregated view of your crypto portfolio and performance across the multiple exchanges, allowing for better price discovery, order management and performance analysis.

More details about Quadency’s security measures can be read on their help page.

They recently announced that they are moving out of Beta and public release with bunch of new features and some paid plans TBD. Some features:

  • Markets & News: Research any coin and get your news, all within the platform
  • Deeper Portfolio Insights: Overall and account-level dashboard, current and historical allocations,  profit and loss analysis across your assets and accounts
  • Advanced Trading Features: 1-click Cancel All, Sell All for X, and other advanced order types
  • Fully Responsive Mobile Experience: Trade anytime, anywhere with confidence
  • Tracking non-exchange wallets
  • Full algorithmic trading and backtesting suite

4/4/2019 – We are not sponsored by Quadency to write this post, but we are using referral links which pay us $20 for every user who uses these links and signs up for the paid Pro plan.

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  1. Chad

    Great overview. I’ll give it a try.

  2. Jake

    I just tried it and it blow all the other platform out of the water.

  3. here

    Thats actually pretty good

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