Mine Crypto.
Create Wireless Coverage.

Help grow the Helium Network and earn HNT tokens from the newest Hotspots by Nebra and more to come!

What's New?

Lifetime Updates

Over The Air (OTA) updates for the life of the product, keeping the miner up to date with all network changes.

Powered By LongFi™

Helium LongFi™ is a technology architecture that combines a leading wireless technology, LoRaWAN, and the Helium Blockchain. LongFi™ is optimised for miles of range, and long battery life for IoT devices.

Management Tools

Many new management tools allow for greater insight in hotspot coverage, HNT earnings analytics and miner status.


These new miners have a wide power input range and built in Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing for various types of installations both indoor and out.

Proof of Coverage

The Hotspot Miner earns HNT Helium tokens when devices connect, and for validating wireless coverage delivered by peers. Hotspot Miners earn more HNT when they're in range of other miners, but need to be at least 300 metres apart.

Robust Designs

New designs built for demanding environments that provide better coverage and earning potential.

Ready In Minutes

Plug in and setup in minutes to start mining like the original Hotspots.

Earn for Coverage

The Nebra HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner earns HNT Helium tokens when devices connect, and for validating wireless coverage delivered by peers

Ruggedized Enclosure

Nebra's outdoor unit is built to last and ready to install outdoors, providing maximum coverage and high earning potential.


Nebra's units have many options allowing for at home or remote installations with the option to add LTE backhaul with purchase of an add on module.

Now with more hardware options, anyone can earn to expand the Helium Network. No more waiting!

How do I earn HNT?

Participants earn HNT by mining and building coverage for The People’s Network using compatible Hotspots.

Hotspots earn HNT depending on the type of work performed:


Hotspots on the network are randomly and automatically assigned Proof-of-Coverage tests to complete. Passing and witnessing tests earns HNT.

Relay Device Data

Hotspots earn HNT for transferring device data over the network. The more device data a Hotspot transfers, the more it earns.

Consensus Groups

Trusted Hotspots are randomly elected to the Consensus Group and earn HNT by validating transactions and adding blocks to the blockchain.

How Much Can I Earn?

If you’re wondering how much your hotspot can earn, the answer is… It depends. The best way to gauge this is to head on over to the Helium Coverage Map and look at hotspots near where you plan to install the hotspots. In addition another great tool is helium.place, developed by fellow community member Radrob. helium.place lets you visualize hotspot placement and coverage overlaps. 

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Getting access to hotspots has always been a challenge, but no more. With each manufacturer able to produce
thousands of hotspots a week, the wait is over. Get yours now start earning!