Helium 5G: Cellular Summer

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MOBILE tokens are coming! Are you ready to earn?

Announced at Helium House ATX during Consensus 2022 in conjunction with the approval of HIP 51, Helium is enabling additional wireless networks including 5G.  Helium 5G will be the second major wireless network that the Helium Network supports. If you have a phone that supports 5G, such as an iPhone or Android, you will soon be able to connect through 5G Hotspots¹ that are powered by the People.

With an emphasis on spreading coverage at the same rate as the LoRaWAN network we all know and love, 5G deployments will start earning MOBILE tokens in early Summer 2022.  

This is great news! How do I get started?

5G Hotspot Bundles will be required to participate in this next chapter.  The bundles consist of a 5G Helium gateway along with CBRS small cells, both indoor and outdoor.  Outdoor units are positioned to earn more due to their expanded coverage and just as the LoraWan hotspots showed us, installation location can mean everything, especially when we move to later phases (more on that below).  

Ideal indoor locations include: coffee shops, bars, warehouses .  Outdoor locations include: Outdoor seating at restaurants, strip malls, event venues, large warehouses.

Once you’ve secured your 5G Hotspot Bundle and installed it, register your hotspot on your Helium apps and start to earn those MOBILE tokens.

How is MOBILE being awarded?

Early Summer 2022 is being referred to as the MOBILE Genesis phase.  During this period, those who have deployed Helium 5G Bundles will start earning MOBILE tokens simply by having their units plugged in and asserted to the network.  Around mid-summer 2022, HIP 52/53 voting will commence.  This surrounds the 5G and LoraWan SubDAOs.  MOBILE Genesis is then set to end in Late Summer 2022 and MOBILE earnings will move to Proof of Coverage (PoC), similar to that of the LoraWan hotspots.  At a later date TBD, data transfer rewards are set to be activated. 

Where do I sign up?

As lovers of the Helium community and early adopters, we know how important it can be to start earning early. 

Fill out this form to speak with one of our 5G advisors to discover the right equipment for you.


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