Helium 5G Resources

Helium 5G Resources

Week 1: Mobile Genesis Rewards

Now that Helium Mobile Genesis has finally started, what have we learned after the first week? In this quick read, we touch on the growth of 5G Hotspot deployment on the network and what everyone is wondering...MOBILE rewards stats!

Unlocking More MOBILE From Your 5G Gateway

Now that everybody understands earnings duringMOBILE Genesis, we continue to receive questions about maximizing MOBILE earnings. Is a separate 5G Gateway needed for each CBRS Radio? If not, how many CBRS Radios can be attached to a single 5G Gateway?

MOBILE Tokens Earnings Explained

The onset of Cellular Summer has brought with it numerous questions. One of the largest topics of discussion has been MOBILE tokens, how they will be earned, and how much they will be worth. Today, we focus on these topics with an emphasis on the Mobile Genesis period.

How to Setup:
Baicells Nova 430h

Just bought yourself a Baicells Nova 430h? Don't worry we got you covered! In this post, we go over in detail how to install your new Small Cell with the FreedomFi 5G Gateway.

How to Setup:
FreedomFi Gateway

In this post our resident specialists break down the best practices of intstalling the FreedomFi 5G Gateway to get you ready to earn MOBILE tokens.

5G Deployment Scenarios

Now that you've done the research and figured out the best location to deploy your Helium 5G Gateway & CBRS Radio......How do you actually get the hardware mounted safely on the roof?

How to Get:
CPI Approval for SAS Authorization

Let's be honest, the task sounds like rocket science; but in this post we break the process down into digestable steps to have your 5G setup SAS-ready.

How Much MOBILE Rewards Can You Earn?

Are you curious about the rewards you can earn during the MOBILE Genesis period? Try our earnings calculator tool and find out today!

The Plug-and-Play Helium 5G Mining Bundle

Outdoor Small Cell With Built In Antenna

This bundle is ideal small indoor/outdoor spaces like restaurants with a patio. This bundle features a:

  • 1 x Baicells NOVA 430H - Pre-provisioned with FreedomFi Firmware
  • 1 x FreedomFi Gateway
  • 1 x Year FreedomFi Support and SAS fees
  • 1 x Parley Labs 3 dBi LoRaWAN Antenna
  • 1 x Parley Labs Low Loss 200 15ft N-Female to RP-SMA Male Cable