Scaling DePIN with Parley Labs


Scaling DePIN with Parley Labs

Posted by Parley Labs ,Apr 17th 2023
Scaling DePIN with Parley Labs

Scaling DePIN with Parley Labs

Bryan Bui-Tuong, CEO of Parley Labs, is one of the OG Helium Hotspot owners. He started his company in his garage with the mission to enable more people to expand and build DePIN networks. As Bui-Tuong added more products to his online store, he stayed true to being a user and builder first. As a result, he and his team carefully curate all products offered by Parley Labs.  


The Hivemapper Dashcam is the latest addition to the Parley Labs product line. It underwent rigorous testing and was accepted among a select few that surpassed the testing phase.


“Data is king. Projects like Hivemapper provide accessibility and ownership of map data to every participant. This is a crucial factor in why many people will contribute and make these projects useful,” said Bui-Tuong.


Parley Labs provides a wealth of resources on how to effectively use products they distribute.   Bui-Tuong refers to Parley Labs as a “documentation house” because it churns out tips on where to provide coverage, how to earn the most HONEY tokens, and how to troubleshoot issues.


“I believe that we must have a thorough understanding of the product to better support people who buy the Hivemapper Dashcam through us. In order to help grow the Hivemapper Network sustainably and healthily, we must incorporate dashcams seamlessly into daily operations for all types of users, whether they have a few vehicles or a fleet of vehicles,” said Sean Bennett, VP, Operations, Parley Labs.


Both Bui-Tuong and Bennett are excited by the utility of the Hivemapper Network. They see an opportunity to gamify many aspects of how we build the Hivemapper map and even enhance it with machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Contributors collect street-level imagery and refresh it as frequently as every seven days. As a result, Hivemapper contributors have grown map coverage exponentially to 1M unique road km in just the first few months, “getting a little closer to its goal of toppling the B2B mapping empire that Google has built.” Read more about Hivemapper in this TechCrunch article.


“We’re talking about a crazy refresh rate. It’s almost like taking some popular map program, hitting the refresh button and seeing new photos as opposed to just seeing the same outdated photos,” said Bennett.


Bui-Tuong is excited that Hivemapper is breaking ground by developing a new standard for map building. Through community, not competition. Having experienced the rise of the Helium community, he sees an equally engaged community growing around Hivemapper.


“The decentralization movement is gaining momentum, particularly in the realm of utility tokens and projects. A strong sense of community has emerged, with members supporting one another and collaborating to solve challenges. The goal is to reduce our dependence on traditional structures that we have always relied on, which is an astonishing concept. It's amazing to see people come together, sharing ideas and knowledge to create a more decentralized future,” said Bui-Tuong.


"Decentralization fosters a sense of community, encouraging people to come together and contribute towards a common goal. It's about backing a project, giving it everything we've got, and never giving up until it succeeds. We're committed to seeing Hivemapper through to the end and enjoying the journey along the way,” said Bennett.


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