Helium, Victor®, & Parley VLink Announcement


Helium, Victor®, & Parley VLink Announcement

Posted by Parley Labs ,Mar 15th 2021
Helium, Victor®, & Parley VLink Announcement

Literally, a Better Mousetrap from Helium & Victor® Powered by The People’s Network

What was once available only to professional service providers is now available to everyone on #ThePeoplesNetwork. Today Helium and Victor®, the world’s largest manufacturer of rodent-control traps, announced a partnership to bring better-connected mouse traps to commercial and residential buildings. Gone are the days of manually having to monitor traps on top of your pesky problem. Through Parley Labs, members of the People’s Network will be able to purchase Victor’s VLINK® Tunnel Traps and set up a fully remote solution in minutes powered by The People’s Network.

The People’s Network, the largest public LoRaWAN network in the world – spanning over 3,000 cities globally – is owned and operated by consumers who have deployed Hotspots. The VLINK® Tunnel Trap is fully compatible with The People’s Network, using the LoRaWAN wireless protocol and nearby Hotspots to connect devices in even the hardest places to reach (even your concrete basement). With a battery life of up to 3+ years, the innovative traps easily pair with your mobile device for remote monitoring and notifications to alert you when the trap has been deployed.

"Our team are experts in making highly-effective rodent control devices, we’ve been doing it for over 120 years. Having the chance to combine our expertise with Helium’s unique network is an exciting opportunity to bring revolutionary traps to a new audience."

Purchasing Options

Consumers in North America with Helium Network coverage can purchase the VLINK® Tunnel Trap from us fully provisioned on the Helium Network

Provisioning is the process of on boarding your IoT device onto the Helium Network through Console and providing your account with Data Credits. Self provisioned devices will enable customers to manage their own fleet of traps in their private console. Our provisioned units are ready to go out of the box fully loaded with Data Credits for the life of the trap. Once provisioned, you will be setup with a VLink account to manage your traps anywhere in the world.
V450 Mouse Trap
  • Protection from rodent activity 24/7/365
  • 3 year/500 kills
V460 Rat Trap
  • Protection from rodent activity 24/7/365
  • 3 year/200 kills

Learn More

Join The Uplink: April 13th at 12 pm PT

On Tuesday, April 13th at 12 pm, join a special episode of The Uplink with Helium, Victor, and Parley Labs to learn more about the partnership and why The People’s Network is the perfect connectivity solution for the VLINK® Tunnel Traps.

Provisioning Instructions

More details on provisioning and console can be found here.

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