Nebra Update – FCC Passed

Nebra HNT miners and Rak Antenna
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Nebra Update – We’re Close! 

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): 

We’re close, but don’t expect units to get to us until the end of the month. The indoor units are all ready to be boxed up, but won’t ship until next week at the earliest. Outdoor Miners are in the final stages of FCC testing and will follow the same journey as the indoor units. An updated ship schedule in the table below. 

The Details: 

Nebra’s test lab has completed their documentation with their passed test results and submitted to the FCC for the indoor units. The outdoor units are in the home stretch, closing out with the RF testing. The indoor units are all complete except for the final boxing, this is because the one thing that can change is the labeling requirements for the various wireless components. Once the paperwork is cleared, the factory will seal up and ship the units out to us. We’re told it could be complete by the end of this week and shipping begins next week. Air shipments are backed up right now and could delay all incoming shipments by one week. We’re working with our partners to make sure all turnaround is as fast as possible. Below is the current estimated shipment dates for all batches and variants. 

RAKWireless Update:

We are now having orders shipped to us every 2 weeks to catch up with all antenna and enclosure orders. The limiting factor is that we cannot get large enough orders in each batch, but should be all caught up in a few weeks and be fully stocked. 

ICYMI: We Take Crypto!

Did you know that we accept payment in $HNT / $BTC / $ETH / $DAI / $USDC? Being a part of a decentralized network and with long term belief in you, the community, and the Helium Network, we think it’s only natural to accept these forms of payment. I mean, are you a true believer if your company doesn’t accept the one thing that drives the incentives of the network? Exactly! 

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  1. Joseph D.

    EXCELLENT! Can’t wait for June shipments of indoors

  2. Shawn Bunch

    I ordered my indoor Nebra on Feb 23rd, 2021 and it’s coming to NYC. I’m leaving town on May 11th. Do you think I will receive my hotspot by then?

    1. suprnrdy

      You might receive it a little bit after that.

  3. Candace Corbin

    I want to order a hotspot but the communication is currently confusing and questionable. Are you accepting orders today or not? Been waiting for 2 weeks while decoding information from all vendors.

    1. suprnrdy

      We are currently not accepting pre-sale until we hear more from Nebra.

  4. AmeriSocks

    I ordered by April 6th, I am assuming I will get mine in June.

  5. Joe

    I would like to order 4 units. I know that they are not available now; but, how can I place an order?
    Thank you,

    1. suprnrdy

      We will announce when we will take pre orders again. Make sure to sign up for the mailing list to get any updates.

  6. da chooper

    I ordered my outdoor units on March 17, 2021 and i live in New Jersey. Any rough idea when they should arrive. Thanks in advance.

    1. suprnrdy

      Our product page has the most up to date estimates as of right now

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