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Order #2797–3735 (indoor units) will begin processing for shipment at the end of this week. We are told the Nebra’s factory is back and completing a batch of Outdoor units, we are waiting to hear from the team when these will ship to us.


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Last week we successfully launched another crypto only drop and started the sale of our November pre order units. These units will be delivered to us in the beginning of November and will ship out immediately after we receive them. We have also continued to ship out orders from previous weeks SenseCAP M1 drops which will continue through the rest of this week.

If you are interested in hotspots for other regions (Europe, Australia, South America etc) please email us at we will be expanding our offerings and are looking to gauge interest for different regions.



We are here to help grow that network in every way possible, that includes highlighting new products and tools that are being built on or for the network. This week we would like to highlight San Jose, California!

Also known as ‘The Capital of Silicon Valley’, San Jose, California is blazing the trailfor future community initiatives to utilize the Helium Network!

While many communities across the world have suffered from what is called ‘The Digital Divide’, San Jose is the first community whose leaders have taken a strategic approach to solving this socioeconomic issue.

The program aims to cover the expenses of low-cost internet plans for over 1,300 low-income households. These plans will be subsidized by earnings from Helium Nodes, installed by the partnership between the Mayor’s Office, Helium, and CETF (California Emerging Technology Fund).

This partnership and community led initiative program is the type of thing we love to see, and would encourage more cities to participate in!

*This is not an advertisement or an endorsement; community highlights are for amplification purposes and to highlight new products, services, and major announcements on the Helium Network.

If you would like us to highlight a new community tool or product, send us details here and we can evaluate it.


5G is coming to the Helium Network!

Last week Freedomfi began shipping their 5G capable Helium Network Hotspots to customers. There has been a lot of chatter about 5G in the past few months. We wanted to give you a brief introduction to 5G, and what this means for the network. Helium 5G will run off CBRS -Citizens Broadband Radio Service. Currently, Freefomfi has focused on gateways which can help establish 5G coverage indoors. These can be used within your home, office or other indoor location.

Coverage for CBRS radios is much shorter range than LoRa. Indoor CBRS radios have approximately 3x coverage of an enterprise Wi-Fi access point. Outdoor radios with sector antennas will go ~5-7 miles in line-of-sight conditions. In no-light-of-sight (NLOS) conditions, coverage will be reduced dramatically because CBRS frequency band is 3.5-3.7Ghz and doesn’t go through walls or trees very well.

How will this 5G network impact my earning rewards from my LoRaWAN Helium Hotspot?

5G data costs and earnings will be scaled differently than the LoRaWAN network. 5G data will cost $0.50/GB of data. LoRaWAN data costs are $.00001 per 24 bytes of data sent (~$416/GB). Currently the earning per data transfer is 1:1, which over time will move to the proposed split.

We will be providing more insight and interviews to help educate the community around all of this, so stay tuned..





We are growing fast and looking for the following roles:


Customer Support
Sr. IoT Solutions Engineer


Please apply through the links or on AngelList. Would you like to join the team and do not see your position available above? Please feel free to send us your resume and cover letter to We can explore if there are any opportunities within our growing team to add this position.


Again we want to thank everyone for your continued support. We will keep you up to date via our social media accounts with any and all updates before our next week’s newsletter. If you have any questions or concerns at all please feel free to reach out to us via email or social media.

- Parley Labs

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