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Over the next few weeks we should be receiving 1600 indoor units (1000 from the previous week and 600 additional ready this week). We will begin to process and ship these orders out this week. The remainder of this shipment is expected to arrive November 30th according to the tracking details. These units will fulfill Batch 3 Order #3736-4233.

Outdoor Miners:

The remainder of Batch 3 and part of Batch 4 have been shipped. (Order #2694–5953) Please note we did discover some mistakes made by our logistics team that caused a few orders to have holds placed on them. These holds were due to some order management issues we’ve identified and since fixed. This issue affected 28 orders total and we have reached out to these customers individually about this situation.

Batch 5 Blanket Refunds:

We wanted to take a moment to shed some light on this situation and help to clear up some misunderstandings. We have always offered refunds, and our policy will not change. If you have an order that is within 90 days your refund will be executed on our end immediately and you will receive your funds within 10-20 business days, depending on your bank. For orders that are over 90 days old, (Nebra Pre Orders) these funds are held in escrow by our credit card merchants, as they have been allocated for your order. When we execute a refund on these orders it requires us to work directly with our credit card processors to manually refund each individual order. This requires additional paperwork and verification. Executing a blanket refund for Batch 5 pre orders is going to be an extremely manual process and we are currently hiring additional staff to help us with this task. We hope to initiate this process within the next 14 business days. We will keep an open line of communication and give regular updates via Discord and in our newsletters. We are working diligently to execute this refund as quickly as possible.

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All SenseCAP M1 November Pre Orders have been shipped! Our next allocation of units will fulfill our January Pre Orders, and we expect to receive those units the first week of January. We will keep everyone updated as this date approaches.

If you are interested in hotspots for other regions (Europe, Australia, South America etc) please email us at we will be expanding our offerings and are looking to gauge interest for different regions.



PoC V11 is scheduled for October 18th. You may be wondering what this protocol is, and how you may be affected. PoC V11 is an update to Helium’s Proof-of-Coverage system, and is the largest functional upgrade to the Helium Blockchain. Essentially this update will help to ensure you are asserting your hotspot in the correct location, and that the antenna gain (dBi) is accurately reported. If this information is not asserted correctly, your HNT mining rewards may be affected!

Click the link below to learn more about PoC V11.


We are growing fast and looking for the following roles:


Customer Support
Sr. IoT Solutions Engineer


Please apply through the links or on AngelList. Would you like to join the team and do not see your position available above? Please feel free to send us your resume and cover letter to We can explore if there are any opportunities within our growing team to add this position.


Again we want to thank everyone for your continued support. We will keep you up to date via our social media accounts with any and all updates before our next week’s newsletter. If you have any questions or concerns at all please feel free to reach out to us via email or social media.

- Parley Labs

Spread the Knowledge!