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Indoor Miners:

The remaining units from our shipment will be arriving by the end of this week. We will begin to process and ship orders as soon as they arrive. These units will fulfill Batch 3 order #3736-4233.

Outdoor Miners:

The rest of Batch 3 and part of Batch 4 have shipped to customers order #2694–5953. We are waiting to hear from Nebra when we will receive our next allocation of units. Once we have this confirmed we will schedule shipping logistics.

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What Happened: Last week we had multiple SenseCAP M1 drops! We tried to continue with our traditional credit card drops, but unfortunately it was brought to our attention that our website is, and will continue to be the target of Bot Groups. We had prepared a drop that was going to be announced in Discord, and within 10 seconds the entire inventory was claimed before the access link was even given out. The only people able to purchase these items were bots.

How We Handled It: All of their orders and banned the accounts from our website. For this reason we moved to a crypto only drop. Unfortunately, we did experience some technical difficulties with the rate limiters for Coinbase Commerce & Bitpay. We apologize for this, we were all equally frustrated with the delays, but eventually all of the transactions were processed.

Trying Something New: Thursday night we decided to do another Live stream on YouTube! Random winners were selected from an entry form everyone filled out, and they had to claim their drop invoice within 2 minutes of their names being called. Invoices were sent out that night and finished up the following day. While this was a very tedious process, we are happy to say miners went into the hands of 198 different people from this drop! No botters, no duplicate winners!

Moving Forward: We hope you can see that while not all of our drops go according to plan, we will continue to experiment with ways to be the most fair! It has always been our goal to help grow the community, and get miners into the hands of as many people as possible!

If you are interested in hotspots for other regions (Europe, Australia, South America etc) please email us at we will be expanding our offerings and are looking to gauge interest for different regions.


We are here to help grow that network in every way possible! This includes highlighting major events in the Helium community, such as new products or services being offered. This week we would like to highlight:

In our previous ‘Did You Know’ section we highlighted the importance of Helium Mappers. This is a project where participants use a low cost LoRaWAN device to survey the real world network. This can be done while driving, hiking, paragliding, etc.

Glamos has developed a portable LoRaWAN Network field test device that can perform these surveys. The Glamos Walker allows you to send, receive and view radio packets / messages. This allows you to map coverage areas and optimize hotspot installs. The Glamos Walker provides real time data such as signal quality for both RSSI and SNR. You will also be able to test different antennas to see which one fits best for your specific needs.

*This is not an advertisement or an endorsement; community highlights are for amplification purposes and to highlight new products, services, and major announcements on the Helium Network.

If you would like us to highlight a new community tool or product, send us details here and we can evaluate it.



It is very important to research your potential hotspot install location before asserting. As we know, the idea of the Helium network is to expand network coverage. To achieve this goal, the optimal hotspot placement is (1) miner per hex. You may have noticed that having multiple hotspots in one hex can cause the transmit scale to be reduced. A new miner being asserted in the next hex over from you may also reduce both transmit scales as well. This is because the hex you are ‘in’ may not be the actual hex you are in. Sounds confusing, right? Gristle King breaks it down for us in under 4 minutes. This video is a must watch before asserting your location!



Again we want to thank everyone for your continued support. We will keep you up to date via our social media accounts with any and all updates before our next week’s newsletter. If you have any questions or concerns at all please feel free to reach out to us via email or social media.

- Parley Labs

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