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We are waiting to hear from Nebra when we will receive our next allocation of units. Once we have this confirmed we will post shipping updates.

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Our next allocation of units will fulfill our January Pre Orders. We expect to receive those units the first week of January. We will keep everyone updated as this date approaches.

Of this batch, we will have an allocation of miners set aside for orders included in the blanket refund process. Once we have identified how many units we have available for this, we will contact each individual customer directly. This will be based on order number, as we will continue to fulfill orders on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis. There is no action to be taken.

If you are interested in hotspots for other regions (Europe, Australia, South America etc) please email us at we will be expanding our offerings and are looking to gauge interest for different regions.



  We are here to help grow that network in every way possible! This includes highlighting major events in the Helium community, such as new products or services being offered. This week we would like to highlight:

NOWi is the newest company to join the Helium Network with their water monitoring sensors. These water metering solutions enable property owners to eliminate water waste and monitor usage. NOWi sensors offer simple installation, realtime & historical data, and are a fraction of the cost of alternatives where there is no access to WiFi.

*This is not an advertisement or an endorsement; community highlights are for amplification purposes and to highlight new products, services, and major announcements on the Helium Network.

If you would like us to highlight a new community tool or product, send us details here and we can evaluate it.


3G shutdowns are happening worldwide starting in 2022! Around the globe, major network providers are planning on or have already started to sunset their 3G networks in 2022 due mainly to the limited spectrum available for the expansion of 5G, regardless of their customer needs. Those companies using 3G for IoT deployments will now be forced to either upgrade to 4G or a private non-cellular network, and deal with the high costs associated with both, or switch to a decentralized, affordable wireless network such as Helium. This is great news for Helium as it offers a low cost alternative to 3G and 4G networks.




We are growing fast and looking for the following roles:
Warehouse Technician
Customer Support
Sr. IoT Solutions Engineer

Please apply through the links or on AngelList. Would you like to join the team and do not see your position available above? Please feel free to send us your resume and cover letter to We can explore if there are any opportunities within our growing team to add this position.


Again we want to thank everyone for your continued support. We will keep you up to date via our social media accounts with any and all updates before our next week’s newsletter. If you have any questions or concerns at all please feel free to reach out to us via email or social media.

- Parley Labs

Spread the Knowledge!