How to Setup a FreedomFi 5G Gateway


How to Setup a FreedomFi 5G Gateway

Posted by Parley Labs ,Jul 11th 2022
How to Setup a FreedomFi 5G Gateway

Initial Setup

Please download the Helium APP on the device you plan to use with your miner. A minimum app version 2.5.0 is required for iOS (iOS version 13 and above) and Android (OS 8 and above).

Step 1 - Attaching the Antenna

Begin by attaching the LoRa antenna to the miner. The antenna is omni-directional, so make sure your antenna is standing upright for best signaling!

Step 2 - Powering the Device

Power your device on by connecting the power supply to the DC-12V port of the device.

*Upon powering the device, the power button will become red. The light will not turn off. This means the device is powered on. DO NOTpress the power button before the app tells you to!

Step 3 - Internet Connection

Connect the ethernet cable from your router to the ethernet port labeled “WAN”.

*The eNB ports can be ignored unless you are connecting a CBRS radio to your device.

To check the internet connection of your device, access the FreedomFi WebUI by entering the link below into your web browser.

FreedomFI WebUI: http://freedomfi-gateway.local/

*WebUI can only be accessed from a device that is connected to the same network as your miner.

* You may also access the WebUI dashboard by entering the IP address of the FreedomFi into your web browser. The IP address can be found by accessing your router’s dashboard and checking under “clients/devices”. The FreedomFi will be visible as “FreedomFi-Gateway”. 

Step 4 - Adding FreedomFi to Helium APP

  1. On the helium app, add your helium miner by clicking the “Home” icon at the bottom of the screen. From there click “Add Hotspot”.
  2. Choose “FreedomFi Gateway”
  3. Tap the link and it will lead you to the FreedomFi registration page.

Step 5 - FreedomFi Registration

  1. Proceed to scan the QR code that is on the back of the FreedomFi.
  2. Input your Helium wallet ID on the next screen.
  3. The FreedomFi device will begin registering and updating itself to the latest software. Please wait until this process is complete before proceeding.

*If, after 15 minutes, the screen has not advanced, check the following:

  • Gateway is powered on with the red light on the power button.
  • Ethernet cable is connected to the port labeled “WAN”.
  • Ethernet cable is providing internet access.
  • If all the above is true, power the FreedomFi off, power it back on, and try the onboarding process again.
  • Contact support if any issue persists.

Step 6 - Finalization

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