Ah La Vache! Parley Labs Takes on Paris

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Our CEO, Bryan Bui-Tuong, and our Vice President of Business Development, John Tran, crossed the pond to explore all things IoT (Internet of Things) at the LoRaWAN World Expo earlier this month.

At the inaugural LoRa Alliance hosted event, Helium was on the rise (😉) with a strong presence from Nova Labs, the Helium Foundation, and many community members/users. We absorbed a lot of information over the course of the multi-day conference and found a large healthy ecosystem of companies looking to utilize the Helium network with the initial intersection of Helium and LoRaWAN growing.

LoRaWAN industry interest in Helium and its supporters is on the rise due to the community involvement and representation throughout the conference. Many people we spoke to were amazed about how the network has grown so fast with nearly 900,000 hotspots deployed. They see the utility is present and they are learning to navigate through some of their concerns regarding Helium being viewed as crypto, which means it cannot be used in some countries.

Some buzz surrounding the conference floor was public and private networks starting to work together in the LoRaWAN space for the first time; recognizing there is room enough for both. Helium could act as the public side, while Actility represents the private side. Roaming agreements appear to be the glue between the whole industry.

In addition to our discussions, we were very impressed by the healthy and mature deployments that were on display. Some case studies that utilize IoT where showing savings upwards of $40MM a month!

Of course, we also spent time catching up with friends within the community such as Hotspotty and Media Sourcery as well as our partners such as Seeed and Rak. They have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, but our lips are sealed…for now.

Finding different ways to grow The People’s Network is a passion at Parley Labs. If you would like to discuss further or share your ideas please feel free to reach out at solutions@parleylabs.com

Spread the Knowledge!