Helium Mobile AMA Recap


Helium Mobile AMA Recap

Posted by Parley Labs ,Oct 19th 2022
Helium Mobile AMA Recap

This is a high level recap from the Helium Mobile Twitter AMA with Boris Renski. Topics and Questions were brought up by the community; we've summarized them here for your convenience.

Building a Crypto Carrier takes many parts…

Will we be able to use our own Helium 5G Coverage at no cost?

  • Lots of requests for this feature
  • It was originally on roadmap, got pushed back for Helium Mobile, but now is becoming a high priority again
  • Radio deployers will be able to purchase SIMs that will work only with their radios which don’t earn MOBILE token.
  • This essentially allows radio deployers to offer services that use their radios outside of the MOBILE network.

3 Data Plans to start

  • Plan Details
  • Entry Level Plan (Data Only Plan - 1GB): $5
  • Mid Tier Plan (Voice + 5G Data): Price TBD
  • Unlimited Plan (Unlimited Data + Voice): Price TBD
  • All these plans will have Token Incentivations of some sort for the user

When will mappers be available?

  • Will be available probably when HNT goes onto Solana
  • Mappers Will Use LoRawan to show performance of the 5G small cells.
  • Mappers are ready now. Waiting on Helium Foundation
  • Phone will be mapping on top of the SPOT Mappers from (ESIMS)
  • Currently, carriers use 3rd party companies to collect data and information about their coverage. (They are charged a lot to do this)

Other service providers on Helium 5G?

  • Nova will be the first service provider (proof of concept) to use the Helium 5G network
  • Service Providers will get minted tokens (see Hip53 for more details on service providers)
    • Can help acquire and reward subscribers for different behaviors

(useful subscriber behaviors)

What are the advantages for Helium 5G vs others?

  • Hard to compare apples to oranges
  • Helium used to offload our Helium 5G Mobile Users with the small cells.
  • Pool of Rewards for Operators (Proof of Coverage)
  • Better Data/Voice Prices + Token Incentives for the user
  • New ways to incentivize various parties of the network

Can Magma Scale? How has Magma been working for the deployment of Helium 5G?

  • Currently there are about 6K radios on Magma
  • Magma can scale with Helium 5G deployments
  • Magma continues to be improved upon to meet the needs of all the networks
  • Magma is supported by Linux Foundation and utilized by organizations around the world

Earn rewards while providing coverage!

Freedomfi 5G Miner BaiCell 430H Bundle by Parley Labs

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