Hivemapper: Mounts & Accessories


Hivemapper: Mounts & Accessories

Posted by Parley Labs ,Apr 14th 2023
Hivemapper: Mounts & Accessories

Hivemapper: Mounts & Accessories

Suction Cup Mount

A suction cup dashcam mount is easy to install and remove without leaving any residue or damage to your car. It provides versatility in terms of where you can mount your dashcam, and is adjustable to get the perfect view of the road. A good quality suction cup mount can provide a strong hold, even on bumpy roads. Additionally, a suction mount will allow your Hivemapper to be easily transferred to a different car if necessary.

Rear View Mirror Mount

A rear view mirror mount provides several benefits, including a discreet design that blends in with your car interior. Additionally, a rear view mirror mount positions the Hivemapper behind the rear view mirror which can improve driving safety by providing an unobstructed view of the road ahead. Installation is easy and does not require special tools or skills. This mount may not work for all rear view mirrors so make sure to check if you have enough clearance before purchasing.

Power Extension

A power extension offers increased flexibility by allowing you to install your Hivemapper in a more convenient location, regardless of the distance from the power outlet. With a power extension, you can position your dashcam in a more optimal location for capturing footage. This can be especially useful if you have a larger vehicle or if the power outlet is located in an inconvenient spot. The power extension can help you achieve a cleaner and more professional-looking installation by hiding the cables and wires.

Power Splitter

Splitting power to multiple dashcams can provide greater convenience by allowing you to power all of your cameras from a single power outlet. This can make it easier to manage your dashcam setup and reduce clutter in your car. Additionally, having two Hivemapper dashcams, one front facing and one sidewalk facing, allows you to contribute useful map data to the Hivemapper network.

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