The Importance of I/O Monitoring with Dragino LT-22222


The Importance of I/O Monitoring with Dragino LT-22222

Posted by Parley Labs ,May 3rd 2023
The Importance of I/O Monitoring with Dragino LT-22222

The Importance of I/O Monitoring with Dragino LT-22222

To make sure an organization runs smoothly, it is important to keep track of what goes in and what comes out (I/O). This is especially important for businesses with complicated operations. There are many things that can impact I/O efficiency, like the environment, equipment failures, or human error. By keeping track of equipment and conditions regularly, businesses can identify and fix potential problems before they cause too much damage.

There are many ways to monitor equipment and environments, but one of the most effective is through the use of LoRa I/O controllers, such as the Dragino LT-22222. These controllers can be used to remotely collect data from various sensors or equipment and transmit it to a central location. This allows businesses to constantly monitor their systems without having to physically check each individual device.

Dragino LT-22222 is a Long Range LoRa I/O Controller. It contains different I/O Interfaces such as: analog current input, analog voltage input, relay output, digital input and digital output etc. The modules are designed to simplify the installation of I/O monitoring.

The Benefits of LoRaWAN Technology

LoRaWAN technology offers a number of benefits for businesses that need to monitor equipment or environments. First, LoRaWAN has an extremely long range—up to 22 miles in urban environments and up to 62 miles in rural environments. This means that businesses can cover a large area with a single LoRaWAN gateway or utilize the Helium Network. Second, LoRaWAN controllers are very low power, which helps reduce operating costs. Finally, LoRaWAN technology is highly secure, so businesses can rest assured that their data will not be intercepted by unauthorized individuals.

Dragino LT-22222: A Long-Range LoRa Controller

The Dragino controller contains multiple input and output ports that enable you to retrofit a large range of equipment or sensors and connect them to the cloud.

Analog Current Input Interface

The Analog Current Input interface allows you to monitor AC current and detect overload conditions or read measurement values from sensors.

Analog Voltage Input Interface

The Analog Voltage Input interface allows you to measure DC voltage up to 30V. This allows you to read the output from equipment or sensors which can then be converted into their appropriate values in the cloud.

Relay Output Interface

The Relay Output interface provides one relay for switching AC or DC loads up to 5A. The module also features LED indicators for power and status, making it easy to monitor the device's status at a glance.

Digital Input Interface

The Digital Input interface allows you to receive digital input signals from switches or sensors up to 50V (220v with optional external resistor). This enables you to measure if a device or sensor output is on or off.

Digital Output Interface

(NPN output. Max pull up voltage 36V,450mA) Allows you to turn on or off devices, sensors or relays.

This module is the perfect choice for retrofitting equipment or sensors to the cloud easily. With a wide variety of input and output options, this module allows you to keep a real time pulse on your equipment and environment at any time, giving you the power of knowledge across any operation. If you’re looking for support on integrating this module into your operation, contact us.

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