What is Helium 5G

Helium 5G is Here.

Help build the second major decentralized wireless network supported by the Helium Blockchain and get rewarded for providing coverage and data transfer.

Grab a Helium 5G Hotspot & Baicells 430H Small Cell and Get Ready to Earn.

The Helium 5G network will unlock massive utility and boost the value of the overall ecosystem. This next chapter in the Helium mission will continue to make Helium the standard for decentralized wireless networks everywhere.


Nova Labs Announces Partnership with T-Mobile

In mid 2023, users of the Helium 5G network, who subscribe to Helium Mobile (by Nova Labs), will be able to enjoy mobility on T-Mobile’s network, America’s largest, fastest and most reliable nationwide 5G network.The industry-first deal marks a milestone in how a crypto-powered incentive models can inspire and reward customers.

Featured 5G Bundles

  • 1 x Baicells NOVA 430H - Pre-provisioned with FreedomFi Firmware - Plug-and-Play Outdoor Small Cell and Carrier Aggregation
  • 1 x FreedomFi Gateway
  • 1 x Year FreedomFi Support and SAS fees
  • 1 x Parley Labs 3 dBi LoRaWAN Antenna
  • 1 x Parley Labs Low Loss 200 15ft N-Female to RP-SMA Male Cable
Sold out

  • The Baicells Nova 430H CBRS small cell is pre-provisioned with FreedomFi Firmware, plug-n-play certified with FreedomFi Gateway and Carrier Aggregation.
  • 1 x Year FreedomFi Support and SAS fees
Sold out

Own it. Share it. Earn it.

Earn MOBILE Tokens

Get rewarded with $ MOBILE for providing coverage. These tokens will be redeemable for HNT.

Join the Revolution

Be a part of the DeWi revolution and own a part of the Helium ecosystem while providing connectivity.

Easy Installation

Install the Nova 430h with ease and confidence, with its pre-installed antenna, included mounting bracket, and pre-provisioned FreedomFi and Bobber 500 firmware.

1-Year Warranty

Buy with confidence with Baicells 1 year replacement manufacturer's warranty on every Baicells' item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my location good for Helium 5G Deployment?

During Mobile Genesis you will be earning equal distribution for having your radio's CPI approved, therefore location does not matter for now.

What is a good location to deploy Helium 5G?

A good location to deploy a CBRS radio would be in areas with either: low/limited cellular coverage, congested cellular areas (that require cellular offload), or in general high cellular foot traffic areas (sports arenas, university campuses, concert venues, malls, etc.

How high does my install need to be?

Currently Nova Labs does not have a height requirement, therefore as long as it is mounted, then you should be able to get CPI approved (show pictures of low area installs)

How much Internet do I need to deploy 5G?

100 download and at least 10upload speed requirements

How do I install my Helium 5G

Check out our installation guide here.

How soon will I start earning Mobile Token?

You will need to install your radio and submit for CPI approval. Once required data is submitted you can expect to get an approval or correction noticy within 2-3 business days. Check out our CPI Approval Guide here.

How much Mobile token will I earn per day?

  Currently as of 9/26 each radio is earning roughly 38k MOBILE per day.