Nebra Update – FCC Confirmed

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FCC approval has been confirmed! 

So it is official, the FCC paperwork has been completed and finalized, you can see here, here and here. This means that Nebra can complete the boxing and prepare for shipment. We are expecting shipments to leave for us the first week of May (May 1 – 5 is a holiday in China). As soon as we have scheduled our shipment we will give updates to when shipments arrive. Batch 2 indoor units should ship shortly after. Outdoor FCC certification is still in their final stages and we will provide an update to that as soon as we get word. 

RAK Update:

We received our latest order from RAK and begun shipping out antennas and enclosures. We have another shipment expected next week and another one three weeks after that. We should be fully caught up with pre-orders of antennas by middle of May along with more Helium Developer Kits (no these cannot mine $HNT).

Product(s) update:

  • Quectel updates and availability – 500 kits will be available for pre-order soon, as soon as shipment date is confirmed. These modules will come with two antennas and bulkhead connectors.
  • Nebra units have 3 variants now and they will adjust based on the asserted region: all 915 based regions can be moved (US915 -> AU915).
  • New Power adapters – We will have AC adapters for Nebra Outdoor units along with PoE splitters for the Indoor units
  • New Dragino Products – We are now carrying Dragino LoRaWAN sensors, starting with the popular door, water leak and soil moisture sensor. We’ll soon be adding GPS and I/O modules to the available products. 

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  1. Mutlu Basdas

    Awesome! Congrats to all! Can’t wait mine to be delivered!

  2. CC

    That’s great news! When will you open again for orders?

    1. suprnrdy

      Hey we’re still waiting to hear back from the Nebra team

  3. Don

    Hoping it comes quick i have been waiting a long time.

    1. suprnrdy

      Yes same here!

  4. Jerame lawson

    Can you let me know when ordering begins I am ready to purchase

    1. suprnrdy

      Yes we will announce through our mailing list.

  5. Dommie

    Is Batch 5 indoor still expected for the end of Q3? what can be done on your part to ship it earlier? my order was placed early in April…not fair.

    1. suprnrdy

      Right now those are rough estimates and we will communicate a tighter timeline as soon as we are given that information

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