Discover Exciting Hivemapper Updates at Parley Labs


Discover Exciting Hivemapper Updates at Parley Labs

Posted by Parley Labs ,May 10th 2023
Discover Exciting Hivemapper Updates at Parley Labs

Discover Exciting Hivemapper Updates at Parley Labs

Greetings from Parley Labs! As a proud distributor of Hivemapper, we are thrilled to keep you informed about the latest updates and enhancements that the Hivemapper team has been working on. Let's embark on this journey together to learn about the exciting new developments in store for Hivemapper users!

Firmware: A New Chapter in Mapping

Say goodbye to GNSS issues! The Hivemapper team is testing version 1.5.7, which addresses these pesky problems. But that's not all - they're also working on Dashcam OS 2.0, a game-changing update that will shift many Hivemapping responsibilities from your phone to the dashcam, providing a smoother mapping experience.

The upcoming firmware release promises to bring processing efficiencies, faster image collection rates, and reduced reliance on phone-camera Wi-Fi connections. With these improvements, mapping with Hivemapper will become more seamless and enjoyable than ever before.

App: A Refreshing Makeover

The Hivemapper team is working hard on version 6.0, which will support the new dashcam firmware 2.0. Expect new features like a push notification system and a revamped wallet paradigm to cater to both Solana and non-crypto contributors. Moreover, bug fixes and permissions cleanup are in progress to ensure a smoother user experience.

HDC-S: Validation and Improvement

The Hivemapper team is focusing on hardware and software validation for the HDC-S, app software adaptation, and analyzing key performance indicators. These efforts will ensure that the HDC-S system meets and exceeds your expectations.

Explorer: Expanding Horizons

With navigation updates, contributor upload stats revival, infrastructure improvements, and new regions implementation, the Hivemapper Explorer is gearing up for an enhanced user experience. The team is also working on updating base map styles and improving the HONEY tab, so you can better understand your progress and rewards.

Map Data Customers: A Focus on Quality

As the Hivemapper community celebrates mapping 2 million unique kilometers, the team is committed to addressing the needs of map data customers. Object detections, Map AI Trainers, and privacy improvements are being developed to ensure the best possible map data for all users.

Bounties: A New Frontier

Dynamic bounties are in the early stages of research and development, offering an enticing opportunity to galvanize image collection in specific locations.

APIs: The Road Ahead

The Map Imagery API has been re-released, while the Buzz API awaits progress on Map Data Customer topics.

We at Parley Labs are excited to bring these incredible Hivemapper updates to our valued customers. Stay tuned for more news as we continue to collaborate with the Hivemapper team to offer you the best mapping experience possible!

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